conditions of use

conditions of use


This web platform, MountainReview, is made available to the users provided that the relative terms and conditions of use are accepted in their entirety, none excluded.
By visiting and using this platform, after reading the rights and the restrictions entailed, the user approves the agreement containing the information on the applicable law and the choice of court for dispute resolution. 
Users who do not accept all the terms and conditions on the use of this platform shall not be authorised to use the platform.
MountainReview reserves the right to change and amend the agreement at any time, and the user accepts that access to the platform be governed by the changes made. The users will be informed of the dates of the revised versions of the agreement, which will come into effect on the day they are published.

To be authorised to use the platform, the user, under his/her responsibility, guarantees :
- the truthfulness of the information supplied through the platform;
- that he/she is above 18 years old. If a user is underage, MountainReview reserves the right to deny access to the portals and the services offered;
- to protect and supervise all the data in their account and, contextually, to accept full personal responsibility for any use/access by third parties;
- to be legally authorised to sign this agreement and use the portal in accordance with all the terms and conditions specified therein.
Users are not permitted to transmit, reproduce, publish or redistribute the contents of the platform and any part thereof without the prior written permission of MountainReview. You may request permission by contacting:
The contents and the information provided in the portal are the property of MountainReview. The user agrees not to change, copy, disseminate, transmit, display, execute, reproduce, publish, licence, create derivative works, transfer, sell, resell the information, the software, the products and/or the services obtained from or through the platform. 
Moreover, the user shall not: 
-    use the portal and the relative contents for business purposes, save for the aspects explicitly contemplated in the platform;
-    try to change, translate, adapt, alter or decode the software used by MountainReview to manage the platform. 
MountainReview undertakes to safeguard the privacy of the users. Any personal data provided via the portal will be used in accordance with Law no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments thereto. To read our privacy policy, click this link.

MountainReview was born as a platform dedicated to those who love the mountain and the recreational and sporting activities associated with it. It aims to promote among the users an exchange of opinions, reviews of places visited, advice on the products and equipment used, and in doing so enable mountain lovers to get to know one another.
MountainReview promotes the exchange of contents and opinions by the users, as well as the publication of reviews, advice, opinions, photos of the places visited and the products used.
In this connection, the user declares and guarantees he/she owns personally or otherwise has the property, or, in any event, the availability, of all the rights relating to the contents and the information supplied for publication on the platform and guarantees that: 1) the content is accurate and relevant; 2) using the contents supplied does not conflict with any of the policies and guidelines that apply to MountainReview, and shall not prejudice the rights of third parties.
Accordingly, the user undertakes to indemnify and hold MountainReview harmless from any claim or action emanating from a third party concerning this platform and the information and contents published by the user. 
MountainReview does not exercise any control over the contents published by the user and shall not be answerable for them. Moreover, this platform reserves the right to remove, at its sole discretion and without advance notice, any message or content that does not pertain to the objectives of the platform or contents that are false, unlawful, misleading,  defamatory, libellous, obscene, pornographic, indecent, vulgar, allusive, threatening or instigating threats against other persons, intimidatory, prejudicial to privacy or to advertising rights, insulting, provocative, fraudulent, or instigating racism, extremism, hate or physical harm of any sort against individuals or groups, or that may constitute, encourage, promote or incite covert forms of advertising, unlawful conduct, crimes, may cause civil liability, violate the rights or any party in any country anywhere in the world, or may lead to liability for breaches of local, state, national or international laws, or incite unlawful activities, the creation or purchase of illegal weapons, infringements of the privacy rights of third parties, or the creation of software viruses.
In addition to the foregoing, it should be noted that users are prohibited from using a false e-mail address or pretending they are someone else. Users are also prohibited from making false statements about the source of any content or information they supply.
Similarly, for the reasons described above, MountainReview shall not be liable for any error, defamation, libel, slander, omission, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity contained in any information published by the users.
We inform you that any use of the interactive areas or other sections of the portal in violation of the aforementioned provisions shall constitute a breach of the agreement and shall entail the termination or suspension of the user’s right to use the aforementioned interactive areas and/or the portal, without prejudice to other legal remedies and actions that might be deemed necessary to protect the good name and reputation of the MountainReview platform.

Mountain sports are potentially dangerous activities and whoever engages in such activities should do so within the limits of their knowledge and skills, and should be fully aware of the hazards entailed. Also in view of the risks arising from the sporting activities in question, MountainReview shall not be liable for any consequence arising from the interpretation and use of the information published on its platform.
The user agrees to indemnity and hold MountainReview harmless from any complaint, action, request, recovery, loss, damage, fine or pecuniary sanctions, penalties and any other cost or charge of any nature, including legal fees, claimed by third parties or arising from breaches or this agreement, or breaches of the provisions contained in documents referred to therein, on the part of the user. This obligation also applies in the case of breaches of laws or third-party rights occurring through the use of the portal by the user. 
It should also be noted that this platform may contain hypertext links to websites operated managed by third parties, including parties operating in the field of e-commerce. Such hypertext links are meant solely as indications without MountainReview controlling, monitoring or endorsing them in any way, and this platform shall not be liable for the privacy policy and terms of use that may be found in such third party sites.
Moreover, the user assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the links selected and the software  downloaded are free of any elements, such as viruses, of any type and source, as well as free from any defect and other potentially harmful elements. 

All the contents appearing in the Mountain Review portal shall be considered: ©2017 MountainReview. All rights reserved. 

A user intending to lodge a complaint or an objection to messages, materials or contents published on the portal and deemed damaging to the copyrights or the rights of the user shall address his/her report to the following email address: or shall use the ad hoc reporting forms given in the site.
MountainReview will adopt all the measures necessary to remove the illicit contents within the required time period.

For any dispute arising, for any reason whatsoever, from the use of the MountainReview portal, the parties conventionally elect the court of Monza.

To receive assistance, explanations and information, kindly address your request to the following e-mail address:

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