how it works

how it works


Learn from the experience of others

Look up the reviews provided by other mountain lovers on climbing equipment, mountain huts and bivouacs. Write a line of appreciation for the best reviews, this will be your way to thank for the advice received.
Receive personalised updates

You may decide to follow the equipment you are most interested in: a product, a brand, a category (e.g., alpine climbing backpacks with 20 to 40 litre capacity). Or follow a mountain hut, or even a user you find interesting. You will receive a notice whenever new contents or new reviews appear concerning any of the topics you have selected. 

Share your experience

Help the community by telling them about your experiences and collect messages of appreciation from the other mountain lovers. Moreover, if you have a site or a blog, every review you share is a means to obtain the visibility you deserve.

Get to know and make yourself known

Create a personal profile with the sports you practice and your abilities, and find other mountain fans you can exchange opinions with, or organise activities together.