Marketing solutions for mountain huts

options for mountain huts

Mountain huts are key to the protection of natural environment of mountains and enable us to fully live our passion. This is why we have developed useful tools for the operation and visibility of mountain huts.

If you are the keeper of a mountain hut, MountainReview lets you create a personalised multi-language (English, Italian, French and German) hut page, where you can publish photos, videos and contents regarding your facility.

In particular, you can:

  1. Personalise your page with photos and videos;
  2. Enter contact information and links to your website and your social media pages;
  3. List the services offered and opening and closing dates;
  4. Describe the routes of access to your hut;
  5. Publish news on events and other happenings;
  6. Reply to user reviews.

Through the “Receive updates” function, users may select to follow your mountain hut and be informed whenever news or new reviews are published.

To activate a page for your mountain hut you must first register with MountainReview and follow this procedure:

  1. Register using the dedicated section
  2. Check whether your hut is already listed on MountainReview by searching it on the huts main page
  3. If your hut is not yet listed on MountainReview, please create its page using the "add a new hut" button 
  4. Enter your "edit profile" panel
  5. At the bottom of the page, declare you are a hut keeper and click on "activate your hut"

  6. Follow the instructions and upload the required documents
  7. After we verify your request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will be able to manage your hut!