the project

the project

MountainReview was born of a simple idea: combining love for the mountain with a means to share the knowledge provided in the reviews published on the web.

Thus, a meeting place has come to life, where mountain enthusiasts can exchange experiences, opinions, advice on how and where to go. A shared space based on transparency and trust, reserved for the views of those who actually enjoy going climbing, hiking and mountaineering.

Four friends decided to share their experience and professional knowledge in the name of a great love, and MountainReview was born.


Debrah Meloso Gianfranco Bo Maria Charrouf Roberto Riboldi





Finance professor, experienced in the use of Statistics and Econometrics.

Ski mountaineer, climber, trail runner.

Client director and partner in an advertising agency. 

Ski mountaineer, hiker, trail runner.

New business manager in an international marketing agency.

Ski mountaineer, mountaineer, and hiker.

Communication and image manager in a cosmetic firm, photographer.

MTB instructor, ski mountaineer and trail runner.